Links I Like – Nyjer Morgan Goes Loco

3 09 2010

Four things have gotten the Nationals in the sports headlines this year:

  1. Stephen Strasburg was called up to the majors.
  2. Stephen Strasburg needs Tommy John surgery 2 1/2 months later.
  3. The Washington Nationals continue their trend of being straight up awful.
  4. Nyjer Morgan goes ape s*** in some way, shape or form.

The latter of those four has been a subject of daily baseball talk for the past week it seems.

There’s really no other way to say it but Nyjer Morgan has straight up lost his mind.

Earlier this year, Nyjer misplayed a ball deep in center field that he thought was a home run, but the ball actually stayed in play, which led to Morgan chucking his glove to the ground in disgust. The batter wound up with an inside-the-park home run. Clutch move, boss. That was just humorous if anything, nothing problematic despite the outward display of… frustration… among other things.

Moving on to last Wednesday, Morgan was apparently being heckled by a fan in the stands during the 9th inning of a game in Philadelphia, which of course prompted him to chuck a ball into the stands and nail someone in the face. This prompted Major League Baseball to throw down a 7-game suspension on him.Morgan is appealing the suspension. Psh. Come on, really? Strike one, Nyjer.

On Saturday, Morgan came in full steam ahead in a blowout of a game against the Cardinals and jacked up Cardinals catcher Bryan Anderson… even though he didn’t even have the ball. Unnecessary? Yes. Tension brewing? Hell yes. Has the Nyjer Morgan ticking time bomb been activated? You know it.

Then in extra innings against the Marlins on Tuesday, Morgan had another run-in with a catcher. He flew home and could have scored easily if he had scored… well, normally (aka touching the base like 100% of other baseball players do). Instead, Morgan opted to follow his hockey playing roots and try to bulldoze over the catcher, which didn’t work, and get called out. Brilliant. Almost Einsteinian. This football-like unnecessary roughness called for Nats manager Jim Riggleman to bench Morgan for the following game…

Which brings us to Thursday’s game when 6’0″ tall Nyjer sparked a benches-clearing brawl after he charged the mound to go toe-to-toe with 6’8″ Florida Marlins pitcher Chris Volstad who just threw behind him. Haha, yeah, good luck against Goliath, short stuff. Morgan then whipped his bat toward the dugout, threw (and mostly missed) a left hook at Volstad, and then got absolutely clocked out of nowhere courtesy of a Gaby Sanchez clothesline. It’s probably a good thing Morgan got dropped the way he did because it’s an ego bruiser in two ways: 1.) you just lost your own self-inflicted fight, and 2.) you got the crap beat out of you by someone named Gaby. Seriously. Gaby. ‘Nuff said.

If that wasn’t enough, just check out the reaction to the brawl that Morgan gives as he walks off the field in the link at the beginning of the previous paragraph. Watch from the 49 second mark to about the 57 second mark. Then again, with a reaction like that, I don’t think anything could bruise this guy’s ego. I haven’t seen a display like that outside of the WWE in too, too long.

Update: Morgan suspended 8 games by MLB for actions in brawl in addition to the 7-game suspension he is appealing.

Come to think of it, I think I might have an answer for Morgan being so generally pissed off lately. Since he came up to the majors back in 2007, he hasn’t been on a team that hasn’t finished in last place or even eclipsed 69 wins in a season (brought up with Pittsburgh in ’07, traded to Washington in ’09). Heck I’d throw my glove in disgust if I played on those two teams to start my career, too. Then again, maybe I’m just giving him too much credit. He likes being the heel of this saga after all. Sorry, Nyjer. Didn’t mean to take the spotlight off of you.

On an off-topic note: I’d love to see someone put together a montage of the brawl and Nyjer’s 2010 season “highlights” with Survivor’s infamous “Eye of the Tiger” tune playing as the background music. I will say it would be way cooler if someone remixed that song and turned it into “Eye of the Nyjer” where the clips of him chucking his glove on the ground and attempting to smack Chris Volstad time up perfectly with the “DUNT! DUN DUN DUNT! DUN DUN DUNT! DUN DUNT DUNNNNN!” parts of the song.

If that does indeed happens, someone please alert me immediately.



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