Hidden Gems – Los Taquitos

7 09 2010
A view of Los Taquitos from the outside. Photo taken by me.

A view of Los Taquitos from the outside. Photo taken by me.

Stop número tres of my Hidden Gems trek around the Valley brings me to a little place off of the 10 freeway in the South of Phoenix called Los Taquitos.

Located just off the 10 East at the corner of 48th street and Elliot Road at the edge of Phoenix and Ahwatukee, Los Taquitos was a place that I had thought was a secret until I found out that Guy Fieri had featured the place in an episode of his show Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

* Video courtesy of the Food Network and uploader Eeldarb.

I had initially found out about Los Taquitos through their positive reviews on yelp.com, but hey, if Guy Fieri and the freakin’ Food Network want to take the time to head down to Los Taquitos to see what they’re all about, then I might as well, too!

So after heading down the 10 East and taking a right at the Elliot Road exit, me and two other buddies parked the car and were more than ready to eat.

Los Taquitos, mexican food restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona.

¡Bienvenidos a Los Taquitos! Photo taken by me.

Inside Los Taquitos, the place was just about as empty as could be… that’s always a plus!

But upon entering, you get the feel that this little place could be packing a big punch.

As we headed to the front, we encountered a menu very similar to that of Carolina’s Mexican Food… an extensive menu with great low prices.

The big ol' menu board at Los Taquitos... you've got options. Photo taken by me.

Here you’ve got your basics in tacos and burritos, as well as tostadas, tortas, and a few handfuls of combination plates. Personally, I was in the mood for some good pork and carne asada tacos, so I went with the three taco combo (one pork, two carne asada) and rice to top off my combo order.

Maybe 90 seconds after placing my order up front, my tacos and rice were ready to go. No joke. The service was lightning quick unlike anything I had ever seen. Not to mention the service at the counter was friendly, never a bad thing. Off to a good start, Los Taquitos!

"El Plato Dubolito" - my self-titled Los Taquitos three taco combo plate. Photo taken by me.

Now that I’ve got three delicious street tacos staring right at me… it’s game time.

These tacos were absolutely packed with meat and topped off with onions, cilantro, and even some hot sauce.

These tacos were a little bit bigger than those that I had when I went to El Nopalito, but are a fantastic buy at just $1.15 per individual taco.

I started off by biting into the lone pork taco I had in my three-spot of tacos… and at that moment I immediately began to regret my decision…

On why I didn’t have all three of my tacos be pork tacos! Oh my dear sweet Lord, were these pork tacos a thing of beauty!

The pork was tender and oozing with flavor, and the hot sauce added a nice element to the tacos that I really had not explored. It added that extra kick to your taste buds and even enhanced the flavor of the pork a little bit.

Man, not only was it far and away the best pork taco I’ve ever eaten, but I might even goes as far as to say that it was up there with the some of the best pork I’ve ever tasted. After finishing up my tacos, all I could think about was that pork… so I made the move to go and grab another pork taco before I left!

I’m not exaggerating here, if you’re a pork fan, do yourself a favor and get a trio of pork tacos from Los Taquitos, it’ll be money well spent and an appetite well satisfied for you!

So with Shaquille O’Neal-sized shoes to fill on the level of deliciousness following my downing of the pork taco, up next were the two carne asada tacos.

The carne asada tacos definitely weren’t on the same level of tastiness as the pork was, but with that being said, the carne asada was still pretty darn good, I’ll say that much.

The meat was well cooked and there was plenty of it in each of the tacos. It was quality meat, and hence, it was a pair of quality tacos.

The combination of any meat, onions, cilantro and hot sauce worked extremely well for both the pork and carne asada tacos that Los Taquitos had to offer. The rice was delectable as well, and it sure was scraped up fast off my plate.

My buddies gave positive reviews on the carne asada burrito, cheese enchiladas, beans, rice, and the mole sauce, so it appears to be a clean 3-for-3 sweep on enjoying our stay at Los Taquitos!

I know I’ll be going back to Los Taquitos in the immediate future and maybe I’ll be adventurous and try out a torta of theirs (and of course, have another one of those pork tacos!).

The only knock I have is that the atmosphere was a little mild, but I was extremely impressed with what the fine folks at Los Taquitos had to offer: quick and friendly service, cheap prices (I checked out at around $8.00 for a three-taco combo and a last minute extra taco), and some scrumptious, authentic Mexican food… exactly what I came for!

Overall rating: 9.5 out of 10.

Los Taquitos, you get a big two thumbs up from me! Photo taken by A.J. Sturman.

Information on Los Taquitos

  • Los Taquitos
  • 4747 E Elliot Road, Phoenix, AZ, 85004
  • Phone: (480) 753-4361
  • Hours: Monday-Saturday: 8 am – 9 pm; Sunday 9 am – 8 pm
  • Website: http://www.ltgrill.com/

Los Taquitos on Urbanspoon

Los Taquitos on Urbanspoon




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