Here at Dub on the Reg, you’ll be able to get a taste of who I am and what I like. It’s as simple as that.

Some of the main components of this blog are:

  • Findings and reviews of the Valley’s best Mexican food restaurants. Enough of Chipotle, enough of Baja Fresh, and good god, enough of Taco freakin’ Bell. I’ve always felt that there’s nothing quite like an authentic Mexican food meal to fill you up. So I’m taking this feeling to the streets. I’ll be scouting out the streets of Tempe, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa and Chandler to find the best authentic, cheap, and possibly hole-in-the-wallish Mexican food restaurants that the Valley has to offer. I’ve only been in Arizona for two years and hadn’t found any good local places halfway through my college tenure. I knew that this year, that needed to change. So if you’re a resident here in the Valley and are looking for a good new place to grab a little comida mexicana, then this is the site for you!
  • Videos and links to stuff that I like. These will give you a little touch about what the non-food-reviewing Dub is all about. I could watch YouTube videos for hours, and at times I have to ask myself if I’ve crossed the line of being a YouTube addict. I’ll be posting links or videos of cool, funny, etc. stuff that I enjoy and think you should see. Hopefully you enjoy them as much as I do!

I hope you enjoy my findings and writings that I put up on this bad boy, and feel free to comment or hit me up on Facebook!

One response

17 07 2011

i like your blog. keep it up!

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