Residual Trade Effect: No Baron Davis = No Jessica Alba

24 02 2011

Before the NBA’s trade deadline struck today, the Los Angeles Clippers were able to ship away Baron Davis and the rest of his fat contract (2 years, roughly $28 million left after this year) along with this year’s 1st round draft pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers in exchange for Mo Williams and Jamario Moon.

There were a whole lot of players moved today in one of the NBA’s craziest trade deadlines in years.

But the one thing that sticks out about this Clippers trade isn’t that Baron Davis got something in between an indirect middle finger from the Clippers front office and the NBA’s equivalent of a death sentence.

It wasn’t even that they threw away a potential top-10 draft pick this year to get a shoot-first pseudo-point guard who isn’t even shooting 39% from the floor and a former Harlem Globetrotter whose skill set consists of jumping nice and high.

No, the thing that sticks out is that the days of occasionally seeing Jessica Alba on the sidelines for a Clipper game are officially over.

Baron Davis went to Crossroads High School with Jessica Alba and her husband Cash Warren… which (I hate to admit) is pretty much the only reason Hollywood stars would go to a Clippers game.

And now that he’s not on the team, neither is Jessica.


Don’t get me wrong, she is a babe of all babes to begin with…

But damn did she look good wearing Clippers gear.

Jessica, in case you didn’t know, being a Clippers fan isn’t easy… just ask Frankie Muniz.

Maybe you got out in time.

My Mexican Food Slideshow/Dubby Dub Original Rap

11 10 2010

Our assignment for Online Media class was to make an audio slideshow of pictures I have taken.

Since this blog is primarily about my undying love for hole-in-the-wall Mexican food joints, I figured I might as well make a song of my own, because no other song out there would be able to express what I’ve seen, where I’ve been and what I’ve eaten.

For whatever reason, I’ve been making an array of original songs since about 2004, and figured that by concocting up my own lyrics and thinking outside the box a bit, I could make an audio slideshow that was less of a slideshow and more of a detailing of where I’ve been and what I’ve eaten… with a little bit of humor thrown in there as well.

My initial end result was a one minute, 20 second song is titled, “I Love Comida Mexicana.”

But for a 100 point assignment, our task was to create an audio slideshow longer than 90 seconds that pertains to our blog topic. So with the teacher giving me the OK, I extended the original song to be close to two minutes and 30 seconds, freshly strapped with a repeat of the chorus and a new verse.


And Nancie, grade nicely.

All lyrics written by Michael West.

All photos taken by Michael West.
Credit to Sean Divine on the instrumental.

JMC 305 Photo Project

28 09 2010

This was a photo project for online media class where we had to take three sets of two photos: one wide shot and one close up each. Here’s what I chucked together.

All photos taken by me using my iPhone 4.

Five Picture Story

12 09 2010

For class we had to take five pictures and make them tell a story without putting any of our own words into it.

All I can tell you is that some people just can’t handle the splashpad. Others can’t wait to get their feet wet.

So here’s my work, enjoy my lovely iPhone 4 photography.

All photographs taken by me.

First Time At Five Guys… Overrated.

7 09 2010

A burger and fries from "Five Guys" - photo courtesy of

I had been hearing a lot about how the East Coast burger chain Five Guys was going to bring about legitimate competition to the West Coast and family-owned burger joint In-N-Out.

Five Guys had recently one-upped In-N-Out in a Zagat Fast Food Survey as having the best fast food burger (although In-N-Out did win the Top Food Among Large Chains award).

So on September 7th, me and two buddies figured that we’d see what all the Five Guys hype was about and head to CityScape in Phoenix for the joint’s grand opening.

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The Tillman Story – A Must-See

6 09 2010

At first, I thought it was my duty as a fellow Sun Devil to see the documentary regarding Pat Tillman, his death, and the subsequent cover-up that took place. I thought I’d see it to support a fallen ASU grad and explore a case that I had found extremely interesting.

I found out that this documentary goes far beyond the Sun Devil community.

It was my human duty to see The Tillman Story. And it’s yours, too.

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What Carmelo To The Clippers Could Mean

29 08 2010

After it had been reported that Denver Nuggets star forward Carmelo Anthony wanted out of Denver, the speculation began swirling as to where he would be playing next and when that trade would occur. Talks between Carmelo and the Nuggets regarding a 3-year contract extension stalled, prompting Carmelo to play the “get me out of here” card.

Now, coming up on 2 weeks since the proposed divorce between ‘Melo and the Nuggets was deemed inevitable, sources are reporting that one of the two most likely trade scenarios is for Carmelo to be shipped out to Los Angeles and play for the Clippers. Take the words “most likely” with a big grain of salt because things can change in a matter of seconds, but it just gets you thinking of what a move to the Clippers would mean for L.A.’s squad not named the Lakers.

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