Dirk Nowitzki Loves In-N-Out… F*** Yes

22 02 2011

Dirk Nowitzki just earned some serious points in my book.

The Mavs’ franchise player did an interview with ESPN Dallas earlier today and they all of a sudden got onto the subject of In-N-Out Burger.

Let’s not forget that the hamburger’s origins date back to Germany… so being the German that Dirk is… he probably knows a thing or two about the ol’ burg.

When he was asked if he eats burgers, Dirk said, “I try to stay away, but In-N-Out, you just can’t compare it. It’s the best. It’s the best.”

Nothing wrong with In-N-Out being a vice, amigo.

He even said although it’s not good to, players will get In-N-Out after a game on the West Coast because, “they’re too good to pass up.”

You hear that? Too good!

He was even asked to compare other burger joints, and big Dirk said, “McDonald’s is decent, I guess, but no, the In-N-Out Burger kills them all.”

Boom. In-N-Out KILLS.

So, f*** yeah, Dirk. Here’s to you, big guy.

I’ve always been pretty indifferent about the dude but damn he scored some points in my book real hard.

First Time At Five Guys… Overrated.

7 09 2010

A burger and fries from "Five Guys" - photo courtesy of laobserved.com.

I had been hearing a lot about how the East Coast burger chain Five Guys was going to bring about legitimate competition to the West Coast and family-owned burger joint In-N-Out.

Five Guys had recently one-upped In-N-Out in a Zagat Fast Food Survey as having the best fast food burger (although In-N-Out did win the Top Food Among Large Chains award).

So on September 7th, me and two buddies figured that we’d see what all the Five Guys hype was about and head to CityScape in Phoenix for the joint’s grand opening.

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