Hidden Gems – Mi Patio

4 10 2010

The sign outside of Mi Patio Mexican Food Restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo taken by Michael West (me).

I now have to count on two hands the amount of different Mexican food joints I’ve been to on my Hidden Gems search, and the first place I can count off on my other hand is Mi Patio Mexican Food in Phoenix.

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JMC 305 Photo Project

28 09 2010

This was a photo project for online media class where we had to take three sets of two photos: one wide shot and one close up each. Here’s what I chucked together.

All photos taken by me using my iPhone 4.

Five Picture Story

12 09 2010

For class we had to take five pictures and make them tell a story without putting any of our own words into it.

All I can tell you is that some people just can’t handle the splashpad. Others can’t wait to get their feet wet.

So here’s my work, enjoy my lovely iPhone 4 photography.

All photographs taken by me.