Today’s F*** Yeah Video: Bully Gets DROPPED

14 03 2011

Reason #1 to never be the much smaller guy in the bully-bullied relationship.

Once the dude has had enough of your puny ass, this is what happens.


That tiny ass bully has to be a few years away from gaining his equilibrium back.

Here’s to you, Casey… or as his Internet nickname is slowly becoming…

Casey the Punisher

Good for you.

Damn that made my day.


Taking Mario Kart to the Streets

25 02 2011

If you’ve ever grew up playing Mario Kart on Nintendo64… or even played the original Mario Kart on Super Nintendo… then the inner Yoshi in you will have mad respect for this French guy.

His name is Rémi Gaillard… and basically what he does is go around playing pranks on everybody in France.

He’s done elevator pranks.

He’s done live Pac-Man in the mall pranks.

He’s done some street soccer trick shots.

He’s acted as a member of a winning soccer team, held the trophy, and signed autographs!

He’s basically messed with every French policeman imaginable… active or retired.

He did a Mario Kart video a couple of years back, but now he’s back for round 2.

Here’s Rémi dressed as everyone’s favorite red-hatted, overall-wearing, video game plumber… dropping bananas and green shells on fools left and right.

Bowser didn’t stand a chance.

For more of his funny shenaniganz, check out his YouTube channel: nqtv.