Batting Stance Guy

27 02 2011

Every baseball player has a unique routine when they get into the batter’s box.

Between leg placement, hand placement, bend in the knees and swings in general… you’re hard pressed to find two identical stances and swings.

There have been more than a century’s worth of ballplayers with their own unique quirks… and this guy knows just about every one of them.

Meet Gar Ryness.

Or as most know him: The Batting Stance Guy.

For a baseball fan, this is just awesome.

He does Manny Ramirez, Big Papi, Cal Ripken Jr., Kevin Youkilis, Derek Jeter, Rod Carew, Willie Stargell… he does a fair amount on this Letterman appearance.

And they’re all spot on even with his funny and drastic over-exaggerations.

With me being an Angels fan, I found the one he did for the past and present Angels to be pretty hilarious.

He even goes on the field in front of players and does their swings. This guy’s the man.

He had Ryan Howard going.

He made Mark Teixeira crack up (still don’t like you).

He even got crazy ol’ Manny Ramirez rolling.

And one of my favorite swings has to be Vladimir Guerrero and even he couldn’t help but laugh.

Gar Ryness, ladies and gentlemen.

JMC 305 Photo Project

28 09 2010

This was a photo project for online media class where we had to take three sets of two photos: one wide shot and one close up each. Here’s what I chucked together.

All photos taken by me using my iPhone 4.

What Carmelo To The Clippers Could Mean

29 08 2010

After it had been reported that Denver Nuggets star forward Carmelo Anthony wanted out of Denver, the speculation began swirling as to where he would be playing next and when that trade would occur. Talks between Carmelo and the Nuggets regarding a 3-year contract extension stalled, prompting Carmelo to play the “get me out of here” card.

Now, coming up on 2 weeks since the proposed divorce between ‘Melo and the Nuggets was deemed inevitable, sources are reporting that one of the two most likely trade scenarios is for Carmelo to be shipped out to Los Angeles and play for the Clippers. Take the words “most likely” with a big grain of salt because things can change in a matter of seconds, but it just gets you thinking of what a move to the Clippers would mean for L.A.’s squad not named the Lakers.

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