Today’s F*** Yeah Video: Bully Gets DROPPED

14 03 2011

Reason #1 to never be the much smaller guy in the bully-bullied relationship.

Once the dude has had enough of your puny ass, this is what happens.


That tiny ass bully has to be a few years away from gaining his equilibrium back.

Here’s to you, Casey… or as his Internet nickname is slowly becoming…

Casey the Punisher

Good for you.

Damn that made my day.


The Best Dunk of All-Star Weekend Wasn’t in the Dunk Contest

23 02 2011

The best dunk of the NBA’s 2011 All-Star Weekend wasn’t in the Dunk Contest and it wasn’t even in the actual All-Star Game.

Nope, it was in the Rookie/Sophomore Challenge.

Was it the ACL-less wonder DeJuan Blair’s alley-oop of glass to himself?

Pretty sick, but nope.

Was it either of “Old Man Game” James Harden’s two dunks in the Rookie Challenge?

I mean I love me some Sun Devil Magic, but no.

Was it DeMar DeRozan’s East Bay Funk Dunk Remix?

Awfully impressive, but nah.

Was it Serge Ibaka (getting robbed of a 50 after) throwing down the longest dunk in the history of the Dunk Contest or even JaVale McGee stuffing down two balls in two hoops?

I mean damn, both were pretty awesome, but still, negatory.

It was a bounce pass alley-oop from John Wall to Blake Griffin, and you can just imagine that it was a thing-a-beauty.

You may be thinking this is just a poor excuse to post a video of Blake Griffin throwin’ down on my part…

And the answer is yes.

This is just a poor excuse for me to post a video of Blake Griffin throwin’ down.

But still.

From the 2010 #1 overall pick to the 2009 #1 overall, this alley-oop is just all kinds of “HOLY SH*T!!!!!”

Hot damn, yo.

And the damn shame of it all is that Wall’s pass could get completely overshadowed because of Griffin’s slam dunk aura. To be able to place a bounce pass alley-oop on point from beyond the three-point line takes a ridiculous amount of strength, skill, and precision.

And man does it look pretty when all three of those stars are aligned.