Taking Mario Kart to the Streets

25 02 2011

If you’ve ever grew up playing Mario Kart on Nintendo64… or even played the original Mario Kart on Super Nintendo… then the inner Yoshi in you will have mad respect for this French guy.

His name is Rémi Gaillard… and basically what he does is go around playing pranks on everybody in France.

He’s done elevator pranks.

He’s done live Pac-Man in the mall pranks.

He’s done some street soccer trick shots.

He’s acted as a member of a winning soccer team, held the trophy, and signed autographs!

He’s basically messed with every French policeman imaginable… active or retired.

He did a Mario Kart video a couple of years back, but now he’s back for round 2.

Here’s Rémi dressed as everyone’s favorite red-hatted, overall-wearing, video game plumber… dropping bananas and green shells on fools left and right.

Bowser didn’t stand a chance.

For more of his funny shenaniganz, check out his YouTube channel: nqtv.

Hidden Gems – Huauchinango

6 12 2010

Steppin' on in to Huauchinango. Photo by Michael West

Well here we are, the tenth and final stop on my glorious and damn good Mexican Food Hidden Gems search. And wouldn’t you know it, they saved the best for last.

Welcome to Huauchinango.

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Hidden Gems – Rolando’s

8 11 2010

Welcome to Rolando's! Photo by Michael West.

It’s coming down to the nitty gritty on my ten-stop Hidden Gems Tour, and stop number nine took me to into North Phoenix and a place they call Rolando’s.

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Hidden Gems – Pedro’s

25 10 2010

Welcome to Pedro's Mexican Restaurant in Glendale, AZ. Photo by Michael West.

On my Hidden Gems Tour, compared to where I live in Tempe, I’ve been South with it.

I’ve been East with it.

I realized I needed to get North with it, pronto.

That’s where Pedro’s in Glendale steps in.

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Hidden Gems – El Sol

18 10 2010

Welcome to a glorious little spot called they call "El Sol." Photo by Michael West.

I head South down the 101 Freeway into the city of Chandler for my 7th stop on my Hidden Gems Tour around the Valley… and good God almighty, my 7th Heaven was a little place called El Sol.

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Hidden Gems – Mi Patio

4 10 2010

The sign outside of Mi Patio Mexican Food Restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo taken by Michael West (me).

I now have to count on two hands the amount of different Mexican food joints I’ve been to on my Hidden Gems search, and the first place I can count off on my other hand is Mi Patio Mexican Food in Phoenix.

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Links I Like – Rodney Mullen Throwback Street Skating

5 09 2010

After briefly checking out a fellow classmate’s skateboarding blog today, I decided to go on YouTube and search for some of the best street skating videos/compilations they had to offer.

I’d be lying if I told you I religiously followed skateboarding, but I do know a tad bit about the sport, thanks to growing up playing all the different lines of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater on the good ol’ Nintendo 64.

However, seeing what some of these skaters are able to do with a piece of wood and four wheels just amazes me. Some of the stuff they can pull off just blows my mind.

There were plenty of good videos with guys like Geoff Rowley, Andrew Reynolds, and  Paul Rodriguez

And then I came across a video of Rodney Mullen.

Holy freaking four-letter word.

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