Teaser trailer released for ‘The Hangover Part II’… Let the anticipation begin

24 02 2011

In 2009, ‘The Hangover’ was arguably one of the best comedies of the past decade.

Now, with the upcoming sequel ‘The Hangover Part II’ set to drop on May 26th, the first look at the new movie was released today.

A teaser trailer was put up on YouTube… and it seems that some serious shenanigans are going down in Bangkok following the wedding of Ed Helms’ character, Stu.

It even looks like Mike Tyson’s presence will indeed be felt on one of our protaganists’ face again, but this time, it won’t be via a right hook to Zach Galifianakis’ dome, it’ll be to Ed Helms’ face with Tyson’s iconic and moronic facial tattoo right around the left eye.

However, as much as I hate to say it, with all the ridiculously high expectations, I think The Hangover 2 is bound to be a disappointment. It’s extremely hard to top what the original did.

Mike Tyson’s great cameo and sucker punch of Zach Galifianakis.

Ken Jeong’s hilarious naked performance and great one-liners.

Basically all the crazy sh*t that happened… it all was too good and too funny.

I mean how can you top that?

I hope I’m wrong but either way, I’m forking out some cash to see it.


Links I Like – Trick Bartending

7 09 2010

Have you ever noticed when you’re at a restaurant and the waiter thinks he’s all tight and tries to pour your water from like 3 feet above your glass, but is spilling everywhere and failing to fill your glass even halfway? But then when you get the waiter who has just mastered the transfer of water from pitcher to glass, it just looks downright impressive?

That’s kind of a feeling that came over me tonight. My roommate was pouring water out of our Brita pitcher into his cup and kept going higher and higher to see how far he could go while keeping his accuracy/still looking tight while doing it (yeah I’m looking at you, AJ). It made me think to myself, “hmm… I guarantee that there’s a competition out there for stylish beverage pouring.”

And wouldn’t you know, after a quick check on YouTube… holy snap.

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